Puma knives dating guide

1984 stag handle puma trail guide nice 4 puma knife from my collection the bolsters are tarnished which are expected, if cleaned will tarnish again. Company history timeline sabers, and hunting knives 1900 – puma®-werk lauterjung und sohn” is written down on the solingen register of companies. Puma knives dating guide page #3 puma knives for sale |randall, lile, other knives for sale |puma's not for sale |e mail me guide to collecting puma knives. This puma made in germany 3-1/2 white delrin 2 blade bantam knife has not been used or carried and is mint in the factory box there are no dating numbers on this knife any bone handles are bovine c.

You may contact us by one of the following: by standard mail puma knife company usa 13934 west 108th street lenexa, kansas 66215 united states. How old is my knife buck’s date code chart the symbols stamped onto your blade indicate which year your knife was made please refer to this chart to find out the age of your knife. Puma knives for sale |randall, lile, other knives for sale |puma's not for sale |e mail me puma knife story | puma steel | puma knife dating chart | collecting guide #1 | collecting guide #2 guide to collecting puma knives.

The range of products made by the brand puma from solingen stands especially for classical knives in the best handmade production, with design-orie. Case knife dating guide puma knives unofficial imperial blade jack with a brand page is the imperial knives obtain a case knife will help dating system dating. How to date puma knives dating a knife with a two-digit code if your knife has a two-digit code, such as 17/rc, determining the year of manufacture is simple.

Do all puma knives have a number on the lock-back release i have a puma gent with no number on the lock-back release but the blade says 104/rc.

For your viewing pleasure collecting guide chart #2 the history of puma knives puma blade steel chart puma knife company usa puma distributors for the us. Puma knives dating (puma knife man) google book review of american premium guide to knives and razors: hi,i log on to your blog named “knife identification. Wr case & sons pocket knife age identification case classic knife price guide browse by case used the same dating system as the 70′s 1980 knives.

This control system helped establish quality control measures in production activities the code itself is a 5 digit number for puma knives in germany. Can my puma knife still be repaired we cannot exchange the blade of fixed blade puma knives, because this would be equivalent to making a new knife if the top of the blade has broken off or the blade shows gaps, the knife can be resharpened.

Pocket knives 210 923 stag 555 puma horse trekker a very rare puma folding knife for horse owners to trim and clean horse hooves rio jacaranda scales. Find a huge variety of fixed blade knives for all types of applications at sportsman's guide we have hunting knives, tactical knives, fixed blade, folding knives, & survival knives from all your favorite brands at the lowest pricesguaranteed.

970 series and whitetail knives puma-game-warden history to the best of my knowledge and a tribute to a beautiful working knife in 1968 the 970 and 971 plainsman came into production and in 1970 the name changed to planter but only for a. Official usa home of puma® knife company online store the world's leading manufacturer of hunting, sporting and gentleman's knifes since 1769.

Puma knives dating guide
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